Whew, that felt good. I have always been fond of the blog Conversate is not a word. The writer’s keen observations are always spot on from Rich is not a career to our president being the new Beyonce. I will admit; however, that I did not truly understand or appreciate the fervor behind this statement until I came across from G's to Gents and The Girls of Hedsor Hall.

I heard the word conversate more times than I’d like to admit. I know the English language has a lot of words and all but why make it more difficult but inventing new ones? Just because you spit out more than two syllables doesn’t mean you sound smart.

Hasta Luego!

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Kiss my black ads said...

Conversely, I also abhor that misusage. I used it once when I was sixteen and was berated and shamed to no end by a group of folk. It still crosses my mind but, never my lips.