When will these people learn?

Recently, mayor Dean Grose of a small time Californian city, Los Alamitos, was caught passing out around an email with the above picture attached. The email was entitled "No Easter egg hunt this year." The mayor has since resigned.

As sad and hateful as this is, the thing I really don't understand is why the mental light switch has not been flipped. You work with and under an African American. You are a politician. Race is always an issue. What is it about the our culture that makes a race of people put their jobs and reputations on the line for a racist joke? 

The worst part is that he busted himself. He sent it to a black lady. Does this man really think that he is above the law of common dignity or does he really not see anything wrong with what he was doing? Because to answer yes to either of those questions...is a scary, scary reality.

 Grose's response, There is no way that I meant anything racist in my email. I was merely criticizing Obama’s fiscal plan, which is so horrendous that it’s almost as if it were written by watermelons.

Written by watermelons....? When was the last time you heard a politician anthropomorphasize?


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