"What the...."

The title of this post is what I said when I saw this spot late last night. I watched it once, confused. Then I watched it again and literally laughed my ass off. Aparently there is more at missiong.com, but I refuse to ruin any surprises that may come in the future. This "G" work is a good example of setting up and idea and they working through it. From their original "this is a G" spots to this quirky/user interaction spot, TBWA/Chiat is trying really hard to be relevant and convey the big idea at the same time. I'm still a big fun of the work done at Element 79, but this is some fun stuff- Kevin Garnett doing the soldier boy and Usain Bolt's ego as a giant head...still LMAO.
Side note: Maybe it's the AD in me...but did anyone else have a serious problem with that one Jabawakke (the masked dancer), whose hood was caught on his mask and covered half his face the entire dance(above picture:far right)? Or am I being anal? Because I really wanted to reach into the screen and fix it...or tell someone in the editing room to use a different take. 

UPDATE: I lied. I'm watching the entire thing online. It's entertaining to say the least.

*Hat tip to Jazmin for the find. Good job baby!

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