The Linkdown.

1. The new Pepsi logo has something to do with physics and the earth's magnetic force. My highschool physics teacher just emailed me back. Father Corcaran's reply, "Pepsi is full of sh*t."

2. How to be a Good Wife in 1955. Somethings just shouldn't go out of style.

3. Selma Hayek ends world hunger. And for some reason...now I'm f*ckin starving.

4. True Life...I'm a Muppet!

5. This kid is f*cking high as a kite. "I feel funny...why is this happening to me?"LMAO

6. Obama got this guy fired. Thanks Obama!

7. Be Shepard Farley! Just make sure you don't use a copy righted image. 

There you go...a little something for everyone. You're welcome.

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