Another Remake.

Ok, so I was never a fan of The Never Ending Story. I was always more of cartoon type of kid.  I always tried to watch it...I really did, but it always kinda creeped me out and I hate to say it...but it put me to sleep on more than one occasion. With that said, it seems like it will be reintroduced to todays generation in the form of what hollywood calls, a remake.

Apparently it will be made by the same folks who made The Mysterious Case of Benjaman Button and Leonardo Dicaprio.  Movie web gurus at iwatchstuff.com claim that after the original movie in 1984 was released, the German author of the book sued for how far the movie plot strayed from the original story. So....will Jack do it better? Or will this remake go down like the Titanic? (see what I did there?)

My opinion: The only thing worse than a bad movie, is a bad remake. The only thing worse than a bad remake, is a bad remake that tugs on the heart strings of our capitalist nostalgia. From G.I. Joe to Where the Wild Things Are, we are falling for the emotion-mongering of Hollywood's richest douchbags. They are spoon feeding us our past brcause they are running out of ideas. Just remember that. $12 is alot of money to spend on a movie that has the potential of changing the things (however relevant they are) that made you who you are today. 

But then again, it could be great. Whatever the case...remaking old classics seems to be a trend that is much like this movie...never ending. 

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Kelly J said...

GI Joe looks god awful. But Where the Wild Things Are has a script by dave eggers and is directed by spike jonze . That equals pretty fucking awesome.

hi shaun!