So, you may or may not have figured it out by now. But Pros Thoughts is implementing a new feature. After an avid reader proclaimed "a lack or reading" on this blog- after all, I am an visual guy- we (I) decided to make a change. After all it's 2009 and we have a black president. Here's to introducing guest blogging. 

And blogger #1 is Rhe K. Let me share some personal info so that you feel more connected.

1. She is smarter than I am. 

2. She never finishes anything she starts eating. She always has a doggy bag and the food always gets thrown away a week later.

3. She is one of those mythical creatures you hear about in text books. She is a Public Relations professional. Yes, she studied it in school. And yes, she stuck with it after school. On any given day she can out type you, out research you, out "fact" you and write a press release on anything under the sun. 

4. She will most likely write blogs with a beginning, middle and a end. There will be full thoughts. Full sentences. Valid opinions. And witty antidotes. <<

5. She's got dreds. Don't be alarmed- they are well groomed.

6. She is my roommate (she's not that good at using DVR- but we are working on it).

You have formally been introduced. Now go forth and enjoy. She promises to be back.

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