Undercover Ads.

***this post is for those secure in their sexuality***
aka, dont click the links  if you're at work!
Are the American "PG-dom" ad rules slowly crumbling to the ground? Or is this just another NYC gay ad that seamlessly slipped through the cracks (no pun intended)? I found this on Adfreak, which claims that there are some media outlets out there that call these ads"raunchy, yet classy." There are even some weird commentors claiming Face to Face is "professional" and "classy." 

But aha, I figured it out. According to my research a.k.a (the rest of this campaign) , this day spa is really an All Male Bath House in disguise. And these ads are just gay porn. Who said we Americans aren't making progress? I mean...free tequila shots on Friday while you're getting a nice Anal bleaching done by a place called Face to Face...that's progress.

P.S. I'm not back...I'm just extra bored today. *Smiles*

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