"Negropedia rubbed the melanin on his skin. He always did that when deep in thought."

Mr. and Mrs. Brown had one child. They called him TAN, but everyone else called him Negropedia. One day he opened a Blog Detective Agency to solve Media-Mysteries resulting from Ethnocultural-dissonance. Let's follow along, kids!

Mr. Brown was the chief media mind on matters of race and culture. The CEO or Chief
Ethnocultural Officer. Whenever a TV station or radio show or magazine needed counsel on issue relating to race/culture, they'd ask Mr. Brown. And Mr. Brown always had a good answer for them. His track record in the realm of race was without blemish since 2005.

But Mr. Brown had a secret weapon. And that was his son, TAN. No one would believe it, but it was really
Negropedia that provided Mr. Brown all his insightful fodder! The streak since 2005 was no coincidence; it was also when young TAN started his blog.

An article of quotable, in depth Hilarity about the DISCONNECT of Jay Z's new song and a choice critics opinion of it on Gawker, written by TAN.


Risk Continuum said...

gawker just DOA'd slate.....

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