Redesign of a Classic Done Well.

The design world is abuzz. Apparently Baker did some new packaging for some old classics (but only in Target). I kinda agree with Jetpacks on this one. This is not the disastrous Orange Juice redesign of 09, that made moms across America stand in revolt. And it certainly didn't incorporate any smiles. There may be some confusion of the TA. Kids (big and small) may not appreciate the move to junk food modernism. But the packaging is simple. It is clean. And they do make me instantly say "Nice."

And they did it to the Cherios packaging as well. 


I may still be on the fence about the cheerios box. It's a little bit too MOMA for me (seeing as how Cheerios is a staple "I have no food in the house, but I can survive on Cheerios" kinda thing for me). Im sure I could care less though....

That's all.

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