The Linkdown: Michael Jackson

1. 50 Photos of Michael, just a reminder that he was the sh*t! He'll always be the sh*t. So the haters can keep hatin. Can I be any clearer than that?

2. Lisa Marie Presley blogs about MJ.

3. I owned this game on SEGA genisis. Memories!

4. Sounds like a suspect, to me.

5. I was there. Were you?

6. I guess Union Square "coulda" been another place you "coulda" been if you were in NY(not as good as the Apollo, but it will do).

7. Obama has something to say about it all.

8. Forget the nonsense the media is spewing....A Real Tribute.
9. Delirious. Michael Jackson...by Eddie Murphy.
10. Janet honors her brother at the BET awards. Brave.

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