furry neon balls

happy humpday everyone.

man did it take a long time to get here. this week is so long!
But yesterday during our rain intermission i got a chance to play tennis.
and i did great. well better than 3 weeks ago. My serve, backhand, and volley game were top notch. and to my surprise my forehand was actually doing some good.

so this humpday is to the tennis season were gals wear short skirts, men show off their rippling pectorals as well as biceps, everyone has balls (sometimes up skirts, down shirts or two in one hand) bouncing balls, glistening wet skin...

Wimbledon is currently in round 2 and us open right around the corner.

I suggest if you want to win, play this list while playing (like loud enough to hear at the baseline). I guarantee you will feel good, relaxed, and inspired to kick ass. and your opponent may be distracted by your new found awesomeness and occasional dance moves or maybe your opponent will just lose cause they cant have fun with tennis and music at the same time.


that's all.


shaun. said...

will blake ever make it to a meaningful finals????

L said...

i know.... i root for him all the time and he lets me down.

hes breaking my heart each time.