Virginity for Sale.

Meet Natalie Dylan. She is the person of the day (nay, person of the month). Natalie recently went on the Howard Stern show and said that she's been forced to sell her virginity, because her stepfather took out a student loan in her name, and she's unable to finance her education. 


She said, "I don't have a moral dilemma with it. Why shouldn't I be allowed to capitalize on my virginity? I understand some people may condemn me. But I think this is empowering. I'm using what I have to better myself."

So, that's crazy right? Only in America can you sell your cherry and claim that it's for educational purposes. Sally May can make a girl do that type of sh*t. It's really creepy. But do you know what's creepier...? this clip of Natelie meeting a bidder on the Tyra show. The bidder's name is Lee and he is offering $1 million. If he is the highest bidder...he wins. And if this clip doesn't make you cringe, you lose...at being human.

"I want her, I want her virginity."

I can't even think of anything witty to say here. I'm both confused and scared. Kudos to Tyrannosaurus Banks for keepin in gangsta on both of them. I may have to file this under "too real" as well. Feminism at it's finest? Double Standards? Lazy whore? Or a byproduct of American culture? 

And some people think that we really don't need to tax the rich more (they are literally buying virginity)? Aren't we in a recession?

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