The Linkdown: It is...what it is.

1. So you thought that Zodiac tattoo was a good idea huh?

3. Crosshairs planted over a map of our country or bullet hole billboards...which one is worse (f*cking idiots)?

4. Authentic Crown of Thorns....on sale now. Act fast (three day sale).

5. This baby knows quality.

6. Gyllenhaal has got himself a metrocard. Gotcha Jakey Poo.

7. Speaking of the NY transit system.... A rat crawling all over a sleeping man on the Subway. You might as well put me down if this happened to me (and someone recorded it, instead of telling me).

8. Dog genocide, looks like Switzerland is taking a page from history. Neutral....huh?

9. Fat-finger Errors. I've already taught my smart phone that "U" means "you." They are like puppies....you just need to teach them.

10. What happens when old technology meets new kids (that are French, no less)?

11. Ricky Gervais...DAMN! He went in on the Stars!

12. Simpsons Porn trailer. Wishes do come true.

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