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After two previous mixtapes that went unnoticed, here is one you have to download. The self-proclaimed Savior of Carolina is working it on these tracks. As a fan of hip hop-
I dont care where you (the rapper) came from, how poor you were, how much money you have, how much ass you get. What i want is a good story, original rhymes (and i dont mind the occasional line or melody from a throwback), a great flow, fantastic diction, and clever syntax.
"you call it rhymes I call it clearing out my mind
was just a young boy staring out my blind"
Most songs i like sound like early kanye, not the rhyme but the produced track. Which i have to say this is the only fault i can find from these tracks. Although, I am a sucker for old school samples; I mean to bring Aaliyah back with J.Cole --- thats fucking hot.
"Back to the topic-actually forgot it
Hoes, money, I’m the shit… oh yea I’m reminded
The way I put the words together cleverly align them"

out of 5 thoughts i give it 4 thoughts.
Must listen to:
In the Morning, Best Friend, You got it.

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shaun. said...

i love this.....