Monster. Kanye (and a thousand other artists).

Ok...I was kidding before. This is the new MONSTER video by Kanye (and thousands of other artists featuring Jay Z). So everyone was all upside down about this video. I heard it was on the news, and I get it. The first scene is fat as Rick Ross sitting in a chair with three hung women just swing around him. And that's f*cked up.

But alot of the rest of the video...is pretty likeable.

I actually thought tis was a cool effect. The grabbing hands.
Holding a severed head whilst delivering 8 bars....Kanye has probably done this before, which inspored this scene in his video.
Zombies eating a dead carcass. I NEVER have a problem with this. In any scenario.

dead lady on the couch behind Jay Z...meh, doesn't bother me.

And it's Kanye people. He clearly has issues that need to be addressed by a professional. But I'm not hating. I still could do without Nicki Minaj's verse and being. The only thing I would add, are muppet monsters. Kanye....

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