"Oh wow...."

"Oh wow..." is the only thing I could say when I found this gem on KMBA. At first I thought it was an ad for a sex shop. Then I read the copy....and I was utterly confused. But after reading....

"It's part of a self promo package (no pun intended... seriously) developed by Argentinian agency NNSS. The link I found was old, but the agency still has this work featured on the home page of their website (just scroll down a bit when you hit the page). They were/are trying to take advantage of favorable exchange rates between the Argentine peso and the US dollar, the Euro, and many Asian currencies. I guess the message is something like, "the same 60 euros that will ONLY buy you a blue dildo in Europe will buy you a well-hung black guy with a funny haircut in Argentina. What a bargain!" Nothing like a favorable exchange rate to make a brother more attractive to a global audience."

It's about the European exchange rate? Really. So it wasn't enough comparing a dildo to living person. And it wasn't enough outlining that person's package to an almost NSFW level. And then he's a black dude? I get it...I truly do. Capitalize of the myth (in some cases...if you know what I mean **wink***) of the large black penis. But atleast if it was just a sex toys ad, they would just be saying that getting the toy would just be cheaper that the man. And the only comparison to the man and the toy would be largeness of the pelvis area.

But no....when you bring money into it, you are actually comparing the worth of this African American man, with that of a blue dildo. No matter who wins in the long run, the fact that the comparison takes place is offensive. FACT. Pour it on there, Argentina. Your dark skin people must love this shit, cause in America....they would be on your ass.


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