Rio has got themselves a BIEN Olympic logo.

So people are talking sh*t about the new Olympic logo for Rio in 2016. But I find it...very appealing.

There is a whole lotta hoopla on this site, about how the interlocking hands are drafted from the outline of the most famous mountains in RioRio de Janeiro...whap, whap, whap whap. I think this accurately describes it the best

In contrast to the much debated/hated Wolff Olins identity of the upcoming 2012 Summer Olympics, the Rio 2016 emblem is a traditional take on Olympic identity: a single icon that represents all kinds of Olympic spirit goodness while somehow representing the local visual culture.

And that's that people. Our business is all about opinion and you may not like the simplicity/unoriginality of the idea that is "people holding hands", but in the long run the icon is basically the very definition of what makes a logo. One visual, that has multiple different meanings. It's thought out, well executed, clean, balanced and...looks like it came from Rio (which is the point I believe). I'm not even gonna bring up what london did (ok, I lied), but this....is like 85 times better. I just hope their mascots somehow depicts drug smuggling and kidnapping. I know...I ask for alot.

In other logo related news....Starbucks has a new logo. They have FREED THE SIREN. I really do love talking about the Olympics.

Shaun. Out.

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