The Linkdown: End of the Week Fodder.

1. Ok, so I was mistaken about the name of the IPAD...but this is how I make it up to you" Like a tampon, only more expensive". More real information later. I promise.

2. Only in New York......does a man have sex with a Chicken on a train, and people stay on.

3.In celebration of the final season of Lost. A sexy, sexy celebration.

5. The Vatican calls Avatar a spiritual dud. They obviously didn't see it in IMAX 3-D.

6. Baby Pygmy Hippo Eats! Cute or a little Creepy...I'm not sure.

7. Venus Williams, down under.

9. FOX subliminally calls Obama a South American dictator. While others simply drop Anti-Obama pamphlets from tall NY building: It's raining Hate.

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