I Want It: Nike Woodside ACG Winter Boots.

So....I'm completely against the idea of grown ass men in large, overly "floofy" winter boots.  And by "floofy" I mean..."hey guys, check out my new desert beige mid-calf winter boots. They are water-proof as you can see by the over worked chocolate brown rubber lining along my outer insole. Yep, you would think I lived in Alaska or was shoveling snow, but no...I live in midtown and took the 2, which let's me off a block from work. Oh and that fur lining by the lip...it's chinchilla." It's too much. Case in point:

Man Walks into Work:

Boss: "Damn, it's winter for real outside."
Man: "Yeah, you gotta dress for days like this."
Boss: "Indeed, you definitely are dressed for it. You have some serious boots on. They are nice."
Man: "Thanks."
Boss: "My 8 year old little girl has the same pair."

This is a true story, and the whole office laughed. And the man, just had to take it...cause there's a limit to zinging the boss. Why did they laugh? Because there was a slither of truth in it. But....I must say, these Nike Winter boots are f*cking awesome. And as much as I am for a simple pair of Tims....I really think that I must have these. 


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