Stupid Stamp: Logo Development

Client: "So, we love this new logo you made for us."

Agency: "Great, that is our job. To make work that represents you and your company."

Client: "And you did just that. I (we) have one more question...."

Agency:  "Just as a side note, we have started rebranding all of your company  material. Letter Head. Company spin offs. Website. So...what's on your mind?"

Client: "Can you make our logo look more like yours?"

Agency: "We Sure Can."

I just witnessed this go down today. And besides being the one to develop the logo in the first place....let me tell you why there is a list called Smart Things to Do, and why this move is not on it.
A) Your telling your creative (aka Your bread and Butter) that innovative and new ideas are not only unappreciated, but in all likely hood...will never see the light of day

B)You are telling your client that you don't have the balls to back your own work and that in the long run you will do whatever they say

C)You are also letting the client know-informally- that your logo and branding is not unique nor is it special enough to fight for it's autonomy within any known marketplace

D) The last and probably the most important...you are telling the world that you can only produce one type of design solution
The Stupid Stamp doesn't even begin to cover how wrong this situation is. It's the very definition of anti-successful business running. I'm pissed. This is NOT how you keep employees.

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Anonymous said...

You are illegally using my logo (Stupid Stamp). Please remove my logo from your site immediately.