The Linkdown: After the Sunday that You realize you could give Two Sh*ts about the upcoming Superbowl.

1. I felt for Conan on his final good bye.....(see what I did there).

2. The 20 Best Logos of 2009. Really nice stuff actually.

3. Gary Coleman got arrested in Utah this weekend. "Whatchu talking about Utah?"

4. To Feel? Or not to feel? That is the subway question.

5. Kanye West's girlfriend is the pentacle of class. Very fashion forward...for a stripper.

6.  Serena Williams gets a little snarky at the Australian Open (probably a better tactic than threatening to kill people on the court...so...). 

7. You know it's going to happen, so we might as well name it: 8 Titles for the Upcoming Avatar Porno.

9. Colorful Summer kicks. Just remember...it's not summer just yet. Ge into it. 

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