The Linkdown:Cause I should've had MLK day off.

1. So I watched the entire Golden Globes awards last night with the GF like an old married couple (she doesnt have cable). Needless to say, she owes me big time-but here is a complete list of winners. You better go ahead, Monique! And hott damn, Halle Berry!

2. According to GQ, natural hair is not in in. I'm 2 years in...so they can go fuck themselves.

3. So first NBC was like "Conan, Jay want his job back"... then NBC was like and finally Conan said "fuck you". And then NBC was like...."you'll never work in this town again." ......So then Conan posts his job on Craigslist. LOL.

4. On the same topic, did you guys Jimmy Kimmel's entire episode as Jay Leno? It's pretty spot on hilarious. 

5. Some one is finally stepping up to that damn British Queen. About.....bear helmets?

6. Timberland- the shoe company contributes a whole $2 per purchase of one type of boot in thier entire arsenal. Either the think that this one boot screams "Haitian" of they don't really give a f*ck. (<---it's the later).

7. On a positive note....that text to help Haiti initiative is really successful.

8. A TV show that will truly kill any doubt there was to rumor that all make figure skaters where gay. "When he is bad...he is bad!"

9. Disney Princesses- dressed as Disney Villains. Why not?

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