wear this 4

For this transition into spring ( in reality spring is really far away, but in the fashion world its already happening) I see a new style which i would like to call Earthy Military Glam. Its all about dressing down while dressing kind of up. haha. The look is similar to the pic in the red outline.

You will see a lot of military tops (like michael jackson military only even more feminine(2,4)), razzle dazzle on blouses and wrists, and longer legs. Yes, longer legs. Wearing nude shoes (3,6) will elongate legs.

Nude is the new black. Wearing a color close to your skin color will always turn heads, an illusion of naked (1,5). Like this woman here. that Dress is killer. I want.----->>

Jewelry is very important for this look. Say you were to put 1 and 3 together. This is very casual, daytime. Now add 7 and your ready for happy hour. Then slip into 6 and now your ready for a fun evening.

I like this because i can use things from my fall/winter sophisticate motorcylist wardrobe.

Well i only own 1 thing off this list so once my tax refund (i hope its a refund) comes in I am going to get those Louboutins (6). Those are so sexy!!

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