humpity humpday yall!!

Happy humpday everyone!

Its me and im asking each and every ten of you (haha i kid we have more than 10 readers) to get your hump on!

Right now, Im on a JLO binge. I currently have every song on the album This is me...Then, which is my fave album of hers, on repeat. Mannnnnnnn She was IN LOVE with Ben like crazy. I still think he is her true love and not Mr. Skeletor.

Well here is a list of my fave songs of hers, including Louboutins.

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shaun. said...

there are so many hits that are missing off of this list. as a reformed jlo addict......you shoulda consulted me first.

Anonymous said...

i know all of her songs and still think these are the good ones.

seriously this is me...then is the best album of hers by far