Suicide Ads.

Word on the street is that this ad is not real. But I think it was an attempt to be clever and funny, but when it wasn't received well...they were like, "No way...that wasn't us. That's tasteless." I think suicide ads are grotesque and useless. It's the epitome of shockertizing and it will never work. People don't like think about stuff like that. Not even Bud Light could get away with it. Or could they?

UPDATE: Wait a minute. Are they saying that if you have an Audi, you'll want to kill yourself? Hmmmmm


Jennifer said...

Wow...geez. That's a little, ok, really sick. The head in the window thing...my neck still hurts. I do get it that it's so clean that you can't even kill yourself if you wanted to, but yuck. *shakes head and shivers*

shaun. said...

thats is basically the promise...it's so clean that you cant even kill yourself with it.