Creepiest Ad I've seen in awhile: Pet Pillows.

"Jeanette’s Taxidermy proudly introduces Pet Pillows as an alternative way to remember your pet. Each pet pillow is hand made from the fur of your pet and made into a pillow that you can display. On one side of the pillow is your pet’s fur and the other side of the pillow is your choice of fabric. These soft, huggable pillows are a great way to enjoy your cherished pet and is an inexpensive alternitave to taxidermy.

Prices: $65 for a cat, $75-$125 for a dog, $150 for a horse.

Freeze your pet immediately upon passing to insure there will be no hair slippage.

Double bag to insure no freezerburn.

Ship packages ONLY on Mondays to prevent carrier mishaps. All frozen animals must be shipped next day air to insure against spoilage."

Yep. You too can have a pillow made from the carcass of your beloved, furry and dead four legged friend. Phewww.

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Writing Horses said...

OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD. This can't be real!!!!