Be Wise Male Fashionistas.

A few pics from Milan Fashion Week D&G Menswear A/W 2010 Collection. And then a recommendation.

The boots are absolutely horrendous and the pillow pants...
Just in case you were confused....that's a onesie he is wearing. A grown up men's onesie is on the runway. Fact.
Formal Skiing wear.
And we all know where this look is from. He too can't stand the rain.

Now, this has been like the 10th time I've talked about Men's Fashion and taking responsibility for what you wear. So you are probably tired of seeing posts like this. But I can't help myself. But i can help you. Perhaps you'll recall my pearls of wisdom:

Well, this post serves simply as yet another FPSA (Fashion Public Service Announcement). The fashions above are not suitable for everyday life. Do you think the models want to wear that nonsense. They are getting paid for it and they still don't look like they are having a good time. Just a reminder. I mean, in the long run...you will do you and it is what it is, but....don't get bamboozled in the name of fashion-cause I will make fun of you. And I promise that I'm not alone. 

And as an fyi...I am not sipping on the haterade here....the mickey mouse shirt that seems to be the constant of the collection is a must have. A must have.

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