Leno vs. Oprah

Leno: “I was ready to do half an hour and he could keep the Tonight Show, it’s fine with me.”
Oprah: “And so no part of you thought, ‘enough already, I’ve done it’?”
Leno: “You know, if you’re a gunfighter, you like to die in the street.”
Oprah: “I don’t know, I’m a gunfighter, I might like to die in the comfort of my home–”
Leno: “No you’re a gunfighter you’re…Oprah, you’re still on! … You’re not going anywhere, I’m not going anywhere.”
Oprah: “I’m saying this as someone who’s made the decision that this show, The Oprah Winfrey show, as it is, I’m done with that. 25 years, done with that.”
Leno: “We’ll see.”
Oprah: “You don’t believe that?”
Leno: “I believe you believe it.”

I woulda said that it was a clash f the media Titans. But if Leno was a Titan...he wouldn't be backhandidly stealing jobs from people. Would he? See a synopsis here.

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