Chichis and Hairy Legs: The Golden Globes.

So, I already admitted to staying in and watching the 4 hour long Golden Globe Awards. And I noticed a few things. I didn't feel it was necessary to bring it up on this blog- at first. But then I did my Internet rounds...and after discovering new things and....well, frankly being reminded of others. I just thought I'd do a quick little post.

MoNique is doing her thing. She's got a show. She won an award for Precious (still haven't seen), but god damn it....what is this nonsense right here? Do you see the man hairs on this woman's legs.
Uh, I would say that Christina Hendricks looked a little extra pale last night. Like she was trying out for a new Vampire series. But her boobs are so massive that her paleness gets a pass. Agreed? Agreed.
Riddle me this Batman: How did Mikey Rourke pull this chic? 
Answer: Drugs...lots and lots of drugs.
An low and behold...out of the wood works...Halle Berry emerges to let these new b*tches know that she is still the head hot-as-hell actress....in the world.
Oh yeah...and the host, Rick Gervais was going in on the audience last night.

That's it.

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