You know what Australia...you are Racist.

I'm not sure how I missed this but....

"Ever find yourself in an awkward situation with those noisy negroes that just won't shut up. You've tried watermelon waving, introducing new dance moves and even hypoglycemic coma inducing, sugar thickened, "red" flavored Cool-aid. Nothing seems to work! Well KFC has the deep fried solution for all your rambunctious crowd dampening needs. See the B.S. above."- KMBA

And then we move onto the KFC spot in Korea. And then the American KFC spot pulls out this sh*t. It's like the world KFC conglomerate got together and was like, "let's see how insensitive and racist we can be." Shocked and Appalled. Shocked. And. Appalled.

VIA kmba

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