on the fence ads about pizza. no wait...about the world economy.

What do we think about BBDO's newest idea for The Economist? Pie charts...or pizza pies.

Their goal is to "reach college students in the greater Philipelhia Area." Because...you know, the ad is on a pizza box. And, well...college kids eat pizza. Days and days of research, I'm sure. The tag line: "Get a World View," certainly works with the informational pie chart about worldly substances the pertain to pizza and it's consumption. It all connects logically. The peanut gallery on adsoftheworld are literally praising it. But to me, something is missing. 

Don't get me wrong, it's a great creative idea. It's hot sh*t for a recent graduate of an overpriced portfolio school. It fills that "ambient" hole that all portfolio students yearn for in their overpriced books. But I wonder if the target audience would actually care? Maybe I'm just really, really envious, but I wonder if the average starving college kid worried about the "world view." Maybe that's it....the strategy. While great for a grown up daily commuter with an overpriced coffee sifting through a WSJ with the ease of a surgeon, I think a college kid needs to be told something else. 

Phewwwww, for a minute there, I thought I was just sipping on the haterade. But that's it, the economist has the wrong message for their TA. It's great creative for no reason. *light bulb*

Or am I still on the short bus here? Something just seems a little bit off.  However...this is pretty brilliant.

Agency: BBDO NY


Mister Maya said...

well I think grad/law/medical students would appreciate it . . . and they still like pizza . . . I don't think the message is a total failure. Making the Economist cool to an age that, these days, might care a little more and appreciate the recognition of that.

Probably, a super small demographic. But a potentially very loyal one . . . which is the best kind of demographic, anyway.

shaun. said...