Prop 8. How backwards can someone be?

In California this is a big thing. The gay and lesbian community are trying to gain equal rights to that of  heterosexual people and the passing of Prop 8 would simply not allow this. Today is the day that this issue is sorted out. But the reason I am posting this...is because I ran into this video urging young people to vote for the passing of Prop 8, in order to save the sacred institution of marriage. Please notice the use of spin. 

How astoundingly ignorant. To quote the following as negative plot points: children being taught that marriages are all the same, adoption agencies giving babies to gays, churches being forced to have same sex marriages. Since when is it a negative thing to force equality upon a nation founded on those principles? Are these people listening to what they are saying? The most hypocritical excuse in my opinion is the "I have a gay friend" clause. What he is basically saying is..."you, keep doing all that gay sh*t...I accept it, you are still a good person but you are not good enough of a person to have the same rights as I do."  There is something awefully evil about a friend telling you about your right for equality. No?

Read some of the crap on their website. It will literally make your head spin. And the kids they used to make these spots...the complete conservative dorks- an A-List of people I would not want to be friends with. 

Just an opinion. 

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Mister Maya said...

I can't bring myself to watch the video or visit their website. The thought of opposing people's civil rights makes me sick to my stomach.

I was so proud to vote no on 8, today.