"we got 99 problems but design aint one."

This is cool...get one if you're a democrat. Or even if you're just an ass man. 

I love how they describe themselves...

"self-described as, a small, exclusive, secret, digital design collective. We make stuff, and things, and junk, and whatever. We’re all “classically educated” and “real world” tempered. We’ve got 99 problems, but design ain’t one. We’re full-on digital cowboys. We embrace user centered design in all its modern guises. We have day jobs. We’re design snobs. We can tell you what that font is. We thrive on helping our clients solve problems. And we make all kinds of fly shit."


socialedisturbed. said...

thats hot

Dwight said...

"we can tell you what that font is" wins.

I wanna be them wheni grow up :(