Meet Michael Guglielmucci. He is (was) the pastor of The Planetshakers City Church in Melbourne, Australia.  Mr Guglielmucci (which I just pronounced in my head and its hysterical)... recently admitted to his congregation and the world-Australia- that he had been faking cancer for the past 2 years. And why....to cover up his addiction to porn.

After a quick glance at the church's website, one can conclude that it is a mega church. And as open minded as I believe I am, mega churches are pretty much a joke in my book. You cannot possibly "get closer" to your own spirituality (or what ever it is you believe in) when you are in the nose bleed section of a sold out bible concert. What perplexes me however, is this man's choice of illness to use as a ploy to cover up his addiction to porn (of all things).

Not the flu. Not small pox. Not gingivitis. But Cancer. 

Cancer has a beginning and an end. I mean....how do you go about faking cancer? Apparently, he had completely tricked his own family into his bogus undertaking (Australians apparently are not up on all that medical mumbo jumbo). ****And most importantly , why would you choose cancer as an alibi for porn? Cancer is like the black sheep of deadly diseases. And what particular freedoms do (does?) cancer allow an individual in their daily life, that make it an awesome choice as a cover up for ummm.....anything? That's like choosing to take up Caged Death match Fighting in Thailand to keep your love of the movie Sleeping Beauty a secret

This guy made the worst decision of his life. And I officially deem him to be "The Stupidest Person in the World."

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