damn son...you flyin coach too?

1. This is why I dont video blog...cause you say the first stupid thing that comes to your mind..."Id like to give a shout out to all my brothas and sisters in countries who have oil..."

2. And as sad as it is that you have to leave your jet at home Diddy, some of us cant even afford to book a round trip ticket.

3. F*ck American Airlines. Dont even get me started....

Still...Diddy is such a fool. Gotta luv him.


What can I say...today is just a celeb news day.

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laila Rodriguez said...

liar. why he gotta lie. his is so not flying coach. does your seat ever look that big and cushioned? mine dont. do i ever sit in front of the partition that seperates first class from economy? Nope. always behind it. Matter of fact, im so far behind it i cant even see it anymore.

im just sayin...