"jack, I'll never let go."

well, much like Kate Winslet's character in the blockbuster 1997 hit, Titanic, I feel like I have gotten to know my American Gymnasts in a fairly intimate way since Beijing 2008. Also much like the movie....I am forced to slowly ply thier frozen hands- finger by finger- off of my floating bed frame when things get tough and the outcome looks bleak. 

Enter this commercial for Taco Bell.

Sorry, but the combination of unnecessary twin dome and having the 2nd best gymnasts in the world lie to my face talking about they eat taco bell, hurts my soul. Do you have no shame? Does taco bell think we are all idiots. Let's be serious for a second. How did you not see this ice burg coming?

"It makes my taco pop." One must seriously need some cash to say that on national tv. 
Where is my Nastia? She has standards.

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steelcloset said...

I think Nasty Loo needs to come harder w/ a catchphrase on her own. She needs a 15.00 or higher to snatch taco-poppin' gold from the Lucky Charms mascot.