because Im into difficult break ups.

and its hard for me to let go. Olympics 2008, expect a lot of heavy breathing phone calls and long my space messages. And if you think that my face book relationship status is gonna change anytime soon...you  clearly dont know me.

I cannot help butlook through the photos of all the intimate times we had....

the passionate forehead kisses
the slow dances...ok thats all i got (lets do some real commentary).
betcha if you had 16yr old hands, you coulda held onto those bars.

NBC did NOT show me the hot asian girls with tats.... media dictator.
Awwwwww, Yao. I bet you wish you were asian...american.
Keeping it real hood, no matter where you go.
(gross outtie...barf)
Ewwwwww. Sexy.
"Who let the fat kid play?"

Inspiring no?
Its actually worse that the Spaniards thought.


more behind the scenes awesome Beijing Olympic Photos here.
(there really are some beautiful shots.)

I just refuse to believe its over.
*single tear*

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