Very quickly....a few celeb costumes.

Ice T and wife Coco. Coco knows the true meaning of Halloween. It's slut-it-up day.

There is always one person who takes Halloween a bit to seriously. Hiedi Klum. God damn. The cast of Good Morning America dressed up for realz last Friday. And I appreciate that. (BTW did anyone catch the craziness that was happening on Fox Morning News...out of control).
But out of all the good costumes (Al the Cookie Man Candy Crotch included) Meredith won. This sh*t will give me nightmares. 
And we will end with out fav Presidential candidate taking his kids out for trick o treat (surrounded by security).

How was your Halloween? Mine was pretty uneventful. I established my goal of drunkenness due to Jameson *place gold star*. I also went to my first Halloween Parade in the village. The crowd was overwhelming, so I immediately left after I saw the Thriller Zombies dance (which made me clap like a little kid), but I will never go again. Other than that...it was pretty lame. No costume. No candy. 

I'm getting old and boring. 

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Kathryn said...

Heidi Klum rocks. Fight that Halloween Slut stigma, baby, yeah.