Obama. BIG and small.

Artist Jorge Rodrigues Gerada made a ginormous portrait of Barack Obama on a beach in Spain out of gravel, sand and pebbles. The portrait is bigger than a football field, measuring 140 by 80 yards wide and it can alegedly be seen from Google Earth. True story.....The oversized work was meant to convey both the "global impact" of the U.S. election and the "symbolic power" it holds for people around the world.

On the polar opposite, the nanobama (which is a little bit too complicated for me to try to explain comfortably, but it is really, really small Obamas) can inconspicuously be placed into the bed sheets and sprinkled within the homes of your bestest conservative republican friends (hopefully originating from a red state) without their knowledge.  I mean...that's the only thing I can figure out to use them for.