The Linkdown.

2. Interesting article on Morehouse and it's GLBT community. By enacting a dress code, are they infact showing prejudice at the HSBC?

3. Ladies.....gum on your shoes never looked this good.

4. JW0w is a wrestler now. OK, sure, I accept that.

5. Republicans dress up as slave and their owners at their meetings. But no...there's nothing absurd about that...it's just how they get down.

6. Oh hell yea, design for coffee carrying. This is a win.

7. On the heels of Whippin Your Hair Back and Forth....you can now also take advice from children in the new video....Stop Lookin at My Moms. In which I respond...then tell your mom to start dressing like a mom.

8. Is anyone one else put off by the duane reads ads telling us the flu is everywhere in the city using our sh*t? Let's round them up...and put them in camps already. Geeze.

9. The teabagger coloring book. Coloring with an agenda.

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