Covering Nov.

Boobs arent out? Surprised, I am.

I like the idea here. But I dont agree with the love shown to the particular artist in question.

Ha. When grown men send pics of thier privates via text, is when the NY Post shines.....

Kim Kardasian on the cover of W's art issue. :::Blank Stare:::

Hmmm. I cant remember the last time I posed with a male friend of mine...and decided to put my arm around his bare shoulders. Im just saying.

This is the cover of Kanye's new album, that was allegedly banded in the US. But then wasnt. But now its confirmed that Walmart will not sell it. Wait...this just in, who cares?

Harry Potter....

This album cover reminds me of It.

Pee Wee, I'm guessing the world has forgiven him for getting caught masterbating in a public space.

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