I Love my Friends: Jason.

So...one of my genius friends from New England raised a provocative, yet logical question on facebook last week. He has a rep for a certain type of question. The last one of this grandeur was "What would win in a fight....a bear of a killer whale if they where both standing in 4 ft of water?" Tough right? Well this time he set himself to the face book status. And he supplied ups with this brilliance:

Who would win in a fight, Aang from Avatar:The last Air Bender or Goku from Dragon Ball Z?

And this lengthy status debate was what followed went on for several days:

Though the names have been changed to protect the innocent and their views...I am the one with Mojo Jojo as my profile picture. Some major quotes from perhaps the best debate I have had in months. A few jems in the convo:

no, Avatar has the ability to control the Elements. Goku can shatter the planet right from under him with the spirit bomb. and remember UNLIKE Goku, Aang isnt superhuman or can resist massive physical injury. the instant transmission and a Kamehameha wave would Kill AAng
He controls the elements that runs the planet man...everything that goku thouches avatar controls...plus that spirit bomb takes time to charge up...the avatar aint goin to sit there and let him charge that shit up.
dude, have you even watched Dragonball? Goku BLEW UP AN ENTIRE MOUNTAIN WHEN HE WAS ONLY 6!!!!!!
Less you forget, Ang can water bend. If we break it down, all beings are made up of at least 90% water or something. All ang has to do is remove all water from goku's body and he is DONE!!!
um.. again those are HUMANS, NOT ALIENS. the part that you guys are missing is that most of the stuff that aang has done to affect humans.

With life being as busy as it is now for us 90's babies.....convos like this are once in a life time. Luckily, I have aligned myself with friends that ask trivial yet completely relevent stuff like this. More importantly....what do you think? Who would win?

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