The Linkdown: First Post in 2010.

1. Picturing the Past 10 Years. A comprehensive list from and for the smart.

2. Hugh Heffner tweets on New Years to prove that he is still the most massive pimp of all time. I'm still completely and utterly against tweeting, btw.

3. Severed Elf ears? Santa will not pay ransom

4. Snookie from MTV's Jersey Shore vs. Domino's. Domino's... is pretty gangsta.

5. North Face sues SouthButt. Aha..aha..aha.

6. The UK cracks down on drugs, illegal paraphernalia and Wolverine claws. Finally.

7. Scientifically Speaking...the G-Spot may not even exist. Which explains alot.

8. 2010 has seen it's mother f the year....already.

9. Trailer for Sex in the City 2. They successfully ruined a Jay Z song, strained relationships further with the middle east....and... Samantha is still an old whore. Yea..I said it.

10. I love (loved) JLo...but this was not the New Year's Eve treat I was hoping to see after the ball dropped. (Yes, I was watching MTV-but in all fairness, I was a a party).

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