"Cesviamo (www.cesviamo.org) is an italian social network created by Cesvi, a non-profit cooperation and development organization of social utility. The basic idea of the network is very simple: you can make a bet envolving all your friends in order to raise money for social issues. In this case, they had 3 goals: to increase the awareness of the website, to explain how the social network works turning fundraising into “funraising”, and to make people – and above all students – more conscious about AIDS, an actual and vivid issue. So they launched the biggest bet ever: the “Condom Mob” – 100 young person in a condom against AIDS! The word of mouth has grown up trough the main social networks (facebook, twitter, friendfeed) and the event took place inside two italian universities: the first one in Milan, well known for communication studies, and the other one in Genoa, specialized in medical studies. The result was beyond their expectations! In the first case they managed to reach 223 person entering the condom, while in the second case the person involved was 230! The media coverage of the campaign was and still it is beeing impressive (tv, radio, magazines, social networks and hundreds of website and blogs). In the end the bet was won, and Cesvi saved the life of a child in Africa preventing him from AIDS (in detail, Cesvi supplied a complete therapy that reduces nearly 100% the risk of aids transmission from a HIV positive mother to her child)."

I'm on the fence about this. Sure it's good to have a bunch of college kids play around with a giant condom in the middle of their campus. I woulda took pictures with it at every given angle...back in my hay day. But does it do any thing? Maybe if it was raining STDS and they had to run under it for protection....I'm just saying. Ambient for ambient sake is always a good thing. Sure, build a model replica. Sure, make it really large. Sure, connect it with the cool hip social medium. But, have a solid message...."eh, we'll write a paragraph about it and call it ambient."

And let me get this straight, there is a giant ambient condom model in the middle of campus to play with....and you can't even access the tip (aka sperm reservoir). That 's like the most important part. And the best photo opp spot. Cha.....

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