"I felt like my vote was the vote that put him into office. It was down to one vote, and that was going to be my vote. And that may not be true, but that's how much power it felt like I had."
- Diddy

Douchbags say what? 
I swear...it's a love hate relationship I have with this man. And I hate him right now. He is just so conceded. As if he were the coolest kid on the block or something. And he ruined Danity Kane.


Mister Maya said...

aubrey ruined danity kane. she looks like she finally gained her freshman 15. nasty. hanging out with suge knight?! gross.

Kathryn said...

And his almost Barack-named vodka. Diddy on FIRE.

socialedisturbed. said...

lolol @ MM!!!

shaun. said...

i love aubrey.

that's all i have to say about that.