Halloween Wrap Up.

I had a good one. Me and the Mrs dressed up as Cruello Devil (emphasis on the "O") and a sexy Dalmatian. Side note: If your hair is covered in spray on paint, make sure you have a back up plan, cause if you just drunkenly get in bed like everything will be ok....it wont. But it was all good cause we came home with the gold for "Most creative Costume of the Night."

Also had a Halloween party, where we had a pumpkin carving competition. The above is what my team came up with. Ahem:::My idea:::Ahem. We hooked up speakers behind the semi carved pumpkin playing their youtube hits for the world. Dodson vs McMillan. If you aren't socially connected to the world, you may not get the references....and that's your fault. Also, McMillans's song is kinda hot...no?

So...all in all, good Halloween. Completely makes up for last year when I suffered to the hands of bronchitis. Though I must admit...Halloween is a little bit more fun when you have a bottle of codeine. How was yours?

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