Covering Sept 2.

Innnnteresting Kelis. Very Innnteresting.

I like the idea of this cover. Alot.
Whamp. Whamp. Whamp. Yada. yada. yada.

I'm not hating....but if you are gonna be on the cover of Men's Fitness, you would think you'd do a sit up or two. I know this trick. The gut suck in. I've taken pictures at the beach before.

This a third degree burn, Mess.

These are gorgeous. Don't know the mag though.

There was some controversy about whether Elle photoshopped Gabby's skin to be lighter. Honestly...it simply looks like good lighting on a white screen to me.

No jokes. She looks great here.

You know....Im not a fan. But I will cover her and her preschool rhymes as long as she is hot. And she's not awful to look at either.

Minaj on the cover of out mag. I respect that move.

Conclusion...this man makes his best music, when it's not on his album. And am I the only one who misses Wheel Cahir Jimmy and his cardigans?

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