The Linkdown.

1. A rally in Washington because we as Americans need to stop being crazy.

2. People get gay, by drinking out of juice boxes. Duh.

4. Jay-Z has a book. And the cover...is scream Illuminati, I mean psychological assessment.

5. Wait, so Joaquin Phoenix's fake retirement from acting to do a documentary about an actor retiring from acting, is fake. I'm so confused..I dont care.

6. In America, your tag for running for office cant be "Not the White Man's Bitch" for some odd reason. :::Person of the Day award goes to:::

7. The song No Wedding No Womb may be a great message, but it sure isn't catchy. Not a Hot 97 chart topper.

9. Jersey Shore Vinny is going to have his own sex toy. Aren't we all better for knowing this?

10. Snookie of David Letterman. The definition of celebrity is dead.

12. Fashion shows are getting easier and easier (((NAKED MODELS WALKING THE RUNWAY)))).

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