Baby carrots...the comercial: Opinion Time.

Remeber when I wrote that post about branding baby carrots? Well...check out the spots. It's supposedly targeted to teens, to make them give up junk food. Oh yeah...and it's done by the almighty Crispin (bow down, bitches).

Oh...and then there's a website.

Ok, so I'm not a teenager anymore. Infact, Ive passed the time when I can even relate to them. I'm also not saying that this little campaign wont work. But I am saying..."how can it possibly work?"

I'm not sure what their research told them....but this...no, that....is not what teenage boys are about these days. Perhaps....for 5 year old who need something to watch on Saturday morning inbetween Zack and Cody and That's So Raven (I just busted myself, I know). But 5 year olds dont go to microsites. FACT. If I was Tim Gunn on Project Runway I would say that these look...at best, dated and matronly.

I'm sure they will win tons of awards though. Cause this work is "totally gnarly."

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