To relieve the stresses of carrying your ipod (with your hands and pockets)..

"The Dew Quiver efficiently stows your personal devices. Its insound system allows you to listen to and operate your mp3 or iPod, receive and make calls from the touch of a button. Insert your mp3, wallet, phone, and other small belongings into the pockets, plug the headphones, adjust the strap, and go! "

This would be ground breaking. Except for the fact that ipods (and their genealogy) were made especially to be....on the go. Which makes this product...pretty useless. Infact, it adds to the layering of an already- extras world. In my opinion. But perhaps it's good for hipsters who dont like to carry bags. Maybe they should make it in tote material and market it as bicycle friendly. And dont forget the piffy anti society themed pins.

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